English 30

Unit ICanadian Perspectives: Distinct and Rich (Define the Individual, Negotiate the Community; Celebrate the Glorious, Acknowledge the Scandalous; Shift Centres, Blur Margins; Understand Beliefs, Initiate Action)    Before and throughout our nationhood, Canada’s diversity has been a source of pride and pain, strength and struggle. The wealth of worldviews represented in Canada challenges us, individually and collectively, to define ourselves not just as individuals, but as a nation unique among other nations. Though we live in different regions, work at different endeavours, and experience different customs, lifestyles, and ways of knowing, we strive to live together to honour all the voices and perspectives that make this country great. Through our literature – in all its forms – we explore the issues that influence Canadian culture and Canadian identity.



Essential Questions:

What does it mean to be Canadian?

What sort of people are we?

How do we express and convey our identity as a people?

What are our values, and how do we demonstrate them within and beyond our borders?

How do our visual, oral, print, and multimedia texts reveal what it means to be Canadian?

How does diversity benefit Canada and Canadians?


The Secret Lives of Sgt. John Wilson

Feb. 2 to Feb. 6

* read from chapters 1 to 7

* poem reflecting the prologue

*questions for chapters 1 to 5

* journal entry on lies


February 9 to 13

Read chapter 6 – 8


Grammar – Subject/Verb agreement

Magazine Article – Mind Map

Writing a summary from a mind map.

Continue Reading to chapter 15

Questions for Chapter 10 – 15

Type good copy of Doukhobor assignment

February 23 to 27

Grammar Assignment on Pronouns  Hand in

Chapter 16 – 21 Read

Questions and Activities for Chapters

March 2 to 6

Difference between Novel and Biography

Pronouns and Antecedents

Characteristic Mind Map for John

Write a paragraph describing John Wilson

Comprehension Sheet

Ending of Novel – Irony

Review for test

Test for book

History of O Canada – Analysis, discussion

Essay –  “N(O) Canada” – Discuss form and Style

– Create an Outline for Essay

–   Discuss Bias

– Purpose of Barn

Relative and Reflexive Pronouns