Unit One:  The First Peoples and New France

Essential Questions:  First Peoples – Who were the First Peoples and how did they structure their world?

                                    Europeans Arrive – Why did the French and other Europeans come to North American and how did they interact with First Peoples?

The Northwest Fur Trade – How did First People and Europeans interact in the Northwesr and what was the result?


February 2 to February 6

*Diverse Cultures – Chart on the seven First Nations Culture before contact with Europeans.

* Origin of the First Peoples of Canada – theories – NOTES

*Worldviews – chart

* Social Organizations – web

February 9 – 13

Government of First Nations

Europeans Arrive – Reasons for Exploration


Writing – this will cross over to ELA

Good copy of Writing Question:  “Why did Europeans come to North America?”

February 23 – 26

  • Political Organization in New France – Structure of the Royal Government and Militia Defence
  • The Fur Trade
  • Coureur De Bois
  • Les Filles Du Roi
  • British/French Hostilities
  • The Hudson Bay Company

There are charts, jot notes and webs that need to be completed.

March 3 to March 6

  •  European and Western Fur Trade – Timeline
  • Western Fur Trade
  • Competition and Exploration
  • Review for Test
  • Unit Test