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The Evolution of the Javelin

Javelin throw technique

How to train for throwing javelin

Top 10 Javelin throwers                                                                          

Jan Zelezny world record holder– Javelin

How to throw a shot put

Shot put #2

How to throw the Discus

Discus throw #2

Discus throw technique



High jump Training exercises

High Jump practice techniques

Proper high jump take-off technique

more high jump drills to work on take-off

High jump slow motion good form

long jump technique

long jump more technique

Typical long jump workout

long jump in slow mo

Triple jump technique



**Important**   How to breathe when running

Using starting blocks -rocket starts

Sprint Start Analyses

Best starts-slow mo

Training for speed

How to train for a 200m race

How to run the 200m race

How to train for a 400m race

How to run a 400m race

How to run the 800m race

Tips on running the 1500m race